Kind Friends,
It is with a joyous heart that I would like to Thank all of the Volunteers who helped out with Cry Heralds this season at Gulf Wars XXIV.
They are as follows:
From Trimaris:  Gareth de Taunton
          Meridies: Celeste De Montmorency
          Calontir: Nessica Chearnaigh
                          Johan Steinarsson
          Ansteorra: Ines Alfon
                              Paedrik O’Mullan
                              Ivo Blackhawk
                              Ros Marinos      
All of your Kingdoms should be Oh-So-Proud of all of you for giving of your time & efforts!  Without such gems as yourselves, Cry Heralds could not exist. You are the reason that your Kingdoms shine!
There will be several changes in store for us at Gulf Wars XXV, so stay tuned…
M. Jalali of Salamis, OL; Dept. Head Cry Heralds
“We tell “em where to go!!”       

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