As people are starting to plan for Lilies, I want to let everyone know the Royal Brewer competition will be held the second Friday of Lilies from 3-5pm.  A minimum of two and a maximum of three products must be submitted. At least two of the entries must be different types of beverage, for example, a beer and a wine or a cider and a mead.  Past winners are welcome to enter again. This is an advanced competition; however, it is also intended to be entered by those of you who may not consider yourself advanced brewers. Let the judges decide, perhaps you are more advanced than you think!  Your documentation will be judged at the advanced level and should include the country (or countries) of origin, period of origin, characteristics of style for that beverage, and a thorough knowledge or discussion of materials and ingredients used to complete the beverage.  At a minimum, please bring a bibliography of the resources you used, your recipe, and know the above information so you tell the judges verbally.  All are invited to enter!  If you have any questions, please message me.

Thank you,

Geva de Kent

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