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From Facebook, via The Castrum:

Greetings unto Calontir.

Many of us in Gleann Abhann were deeply saddend by the news of the horrible
loss of your noble falcons. We also remember years ago when Hurricane
Katrina ravaged our new kingdom how the fine people of Calontir came to our
aid with all sorts of aid.

On the weekend of October 23rd to 25th the Baronies of Three Rivers and
Grey Niche will be locked in a war at “The Castrum” in Lafe, AR. Our tavern
on site will host a fund raiser with all proceeds going to help your fair
kingdom once again have your proud falcons. I.D. will be required and a
sign with a suggested donation will be visible. Bring your pouches full and
your tankards and horns empty.

We have never forgot what you have done for us and we are now there for
you. We will see you soon at the “Duvant Inn” that will be dedicated to Sir
Francois Duvant in May at “Atheneaeum”
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