Hello Scribes!

Always wanted to help out the Kingdom by painting a GoA, but didn’t want to
deal with a tight deadline? Well this is the competition for you! 

Create a blank border for an award scroll in which text can be inserted later. Here are the parameters: 
-Must leave a space for text no smaller than 7”x10” in and at least 1/4" in edge margins.
-Must include a space/circle for the award (if you would like it to go for a specific award, which might help you tailor your illuminations, you may paint it in). 
- (Optional) A space for the device of the person receiving the award, so it can be personalized. 

At the end of the competition all entries will be given to the Crown as largess, so make sure to take pictures/scan your Blank Borders before you go to war! These borders help TRM out by being on hand when they want to award a Grant on short notice, which also keeps the pressure off the scribes. 

Judging will be based upon Kingdom Criteria for illumination (to be found on the A&S website), and basic documentation (3”x5” card) is required, but more documentation is always better! (If you cannot be at war on competition day, but would still like to enter, your border may be delivered by someone else in your stead.)

The competition is tentatively scheduled for the Second Saturday morning. Please check your Lilies schedule for the definite time and location.  

Please help TRM and enter your Blank Borders!

HL Elynor of Glastonbury
Royal Scribe to TRM Anton III and Isabeau
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