Seems as the fates have smiled.  About a week after my return from Dragonship's Haven, I was contacted by the Finlandia Foundation in DC asking if I would consider placing an instrument in their auction at their annual Kalevala Gala to be held next month at the Finnish embassy in DC.  After a bit of research to determine the validity of the request, I agreed.
Now it looks like the instrument I am building will be on display either in the Embassy or the Cultural Center of the Library of Congress until it is auctioned, and a few other interesting developments have opened up with Finlandia.  Might mean a few lectures in DC (I personally am hoping to wrangle an educational trip to Finland for me and the family).
Anyway, here is the little Jouhikko I built for them.  Tabitha, my liason with Finlandia, designed it just as any other customer would, and I turned it into wood and strings.  It will be interesting to see what an embassy crowd will be willing to give for something like this.
Anyway, here's the picture.
Because Finland wasn't until about a hundred years ago (it was Swede) we don't have any actual evidence of this regions version of the bowed drone lyre that is everywhere around Finland, so a lot is guessing, but I think the boat-bottomed, single chanter string instrument is likely the best guess.  This one is hard lime with a spruce body, and ornamented with Sami / Lapland Shaman Drum imagery.  I kinda like it.  Hope you do too.
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