Hi again,

I've just been advised that discussing pricing on the list-serv is not a
great idea- but if you have any recommendations or otherwise about the
Graphic Artists Guild Handbook (or other resources)- rather than posting
actual rates- I'd still love to know.


On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 12:54 PM, Emma Scheltema <[log in to unmask]>

> Hi everyone,
> I wonder if anyone would have any suggestions for resources for pricing
> for commissioned scientific illustrations? I am a beginning science
> illustrator (I have no formal qualifications in this area, besides my
> degree in science and having done Lana Johnsons Entomological Illustration
> class), so would obviously expect a lower rate than someone with lots of
> experience. The thing is I really have no idea what to charge, besides
> having read not to use an hourly rate (at this stage no doubt much longer
> than an experienced pro anyway). I have been asked to do some illustrations
> for a professor at my university and am at a loss for what to sort of fee
> would be reasonable.
>  I have heard of the graphic artists guild handbook for pricing and wonder
> if that would also be suitable for scientific illustrators? The only other
> thing is that I am in New Zealand and I'm guessing that rates here would be
> different again than they are in the US. Do any illustrators from
> 'down-under' use these guidelines at all?
> Basically I wonder if any of you experienced illustrators would be able to
> point me in the direction of any other resources relating to pricing- I
> would greatly appreciate it!
> Thanks in advance!
> Emma

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