Hi Emma,

The guild handbook does have a section on science illustration and 
medical illustration. It can be hard to figure out how your job fits 
into the categories they give as examples, but it's a good starting 
place. Once you do figure out your hourly rate and the amount you think 
a job is worth, you can compare it to the book to see if you're in the 
same ballpark. I'm not sure how it compares to rates in New Zealand, but 
I bet you could probably look at some of the example salaries they give 
and figure it out.

When you DO start to figure out your prices, it can seem kind of 
shocking how it adds up. When I was starting out I felt guilty about it. 
I felt better and more confident by reminding myself that if I underbid 
I was doing a disservice to all my fellow artists by bringing down price 
expectations.  And illustration is an odd business. You may be less 
experienced, but your potential clients don't have to know that...

The AMI (medical illustrators) has a good section on example pricing on 
their site, along with other good tips and resources:
Although I haven't referenced it in awhile, I found Cameron S. Foote's 
books on Creative Business Guides really helpful.

Good luck!
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Emma Scheltema wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I wonder if anyone would have any suggestions for resources for 
> pricing for commissioned scientific illustrations? I am a beginning 
> science illustrator (I have no formal qualifications in this area, 
> besides my degree in science and having done Lana Johnsons 
> Entomological Illustration class), so would obviously expect a lower 
> rate than someone with lots of experience. The thing is I really have 
> no idea what to charge, besides having read not to use an hourly rate 
> (at this stage no doubt much longer than an experienced pro anyway). I 
> have been asked to do some illustrations for a professor at my 
> university and am at a loss for what to sort of fee would be reasonable.
>  I have heard of the graphic artists guild handbook for pricing and 
> wonder if that would also be suitable for scientific illustrators? The 
> only other thing is that I am in New Zealand and I'm guessing that 
> rates here would be different again than they are in the US. Do any 
> illustrators from 'down-under' use these guidelines at all?
> Basically I wonder if any of you experienced illustrators would be 
> able to point me in the direction of any other resources relating to 
> pricing- I would greatly appreciate it!
> Thanks in advance!
> Emma
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