Greetings to All,
There is only one item for Calontir on this LOAR.
It is actually pended from the September 2014 LOAR.
Regretfully, it is a return.
In Service,
Gunnar Thorisson
Vert Hawk Herald
CALONTIR returns (to acceptances)
* ed mac Nill. Name change from holding name ed of Forgotten Sea.
This name was pended from the September 2014 Letter of Acceptances and Returns in order to determine whether it presumed against the name of two 9th century high kings of Ireland, both named ed mac Nill.
PN4D of SENA states:
Sovereign rulers of significant states are generally important enough to protect. Some historical city-states are not considered significant states. Provinces or regions integrated into larger units like the Holy Roman Empire are not generally considered significant states. Sovereigns of small states that did not give rise directly to modern countries will not be protected under this clause, nor will legendary kings of any state (though these kings may be individually important enough to protect).
By the 9th century, the high kings of Ireland were historical rather than legendary, and the position of high king was a position of power rather than a ceremonial title. Medieval Ireland certainly gave rise to the modern country. Therefore, we agree that the historical high king ed mac Nill (also known as ed Oirdnide) and his grandson ed mac Nill (also known as ed Findliath) are worthy of protection. As this name is identical to those of the historical high kings, it makes an unmistakable claim of identity. Therefore, we are forced to return this name.
The submitter's device was previously registered under the holding name ed of Forgotten Sea
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