So, I messed up. I did not mention to Tola and Andromir that I was not going to actually be at Kingdom Arts And Sciences for the Falcon Fund Auction, and that they would need to "handle" my donation of two registrations to Figments and Filaments, the Kansas City are Costume Con that is April 24-26. Because of that, there was no card prepared for the auction display, and thus no bids were gathered. So I will conduct the auction online both on Facebook and Calon List. There are two tickets, and the high bidder may choose to get one or both at that price, and if there is one left, the second high bidder gets it. Bidding closes this Friday, the 17th, at 7 pm. Place bids in comments (Facebook) or in a reply to this email (Calon List). I will do my best to echo bids to the other venue frequently, including instantly in the last 2 hours of bidding. If you have questions, please let me know.



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