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2015 <>' Tournament of
Horse and Falcons 2015

*Event Website* <>

*Facebook Event Page*

May 22nd – 25th, 2015

Lathrop Antique Club (Do not use the official address for directions, use
the map and link below

*Site is wet, tent camping is welcome*

*Feast and Inn Menus* <>

*Event Steward:*
Honorable Lady Judur bint abd Al Waahid <http:[log in to unmask]>

*Feast Steward:*
Honorable Lady Lisette la fauconniere d’Amboise <http:[log in to unmask]>
816-853-4920 (No calls after 9 PM please)

*Inn Steward:*
Honorable Lady Alianora Jehanette de Olmandiers
<http:[log in to unmask]>

*Armored Combat Marshal In Charge:*
Lord Niall MacBroin <http:[log in to unmask]>

*Cut & Thrust Marshal in Charge:*
Honorable Lord Mathurin Kerbusso <http:[log in to unmask]>

*Equestrian Marshal in Charge:*
Mistress Isolde of Hawksholme <http:[log in to unmask]>

*Archery Marshal in Charge:*
Lord Soren atte Raven <http:[log in to unmask]>

GPS Latitude, Longitude <>
 39.537543,-94.329085 <>


Fighting Schedule <>

Archery Schedule <>

Equestrian Schedule

Other Activities <>
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