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*How the “Bows for Calontir Falcon Fund” came about.*

In March while returning from Gulf Wars, the Brook’s family trailer
transporting their precious Calontir birds was lost in a vehicle fire. I
saw that Calontir was doing a “Silent Auction” at an event for them, but
felt something more needed to be done.

I am from Gleann Abhann. We are celebrating this year our 10th year as a
kingdom. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina struck, and basically all our regalia
and scrolls were lost. The Knowne World came to our aid with replacements
for everything to get us back on our feet. We as a kingdom proclaimed we
would not forget the good that was done to us and when others were in need
we would return their good in kind. Like many of my fellow scadians, a
promise was given.

There is a Baronial War at Samhain in October coming up between the
Baronies of Grey Niche and Three Rivers at the Castrum/Roman Reenacting
site in Lafe, AR. I am the owner’s site manager for handling business with
the SCA. The site has a period tavern that was not going to be used. I
contacted William Hopper the autocrat and Jim Hannold the Grey Niche
Seneschal for permission to run a fundraiser which the barony endorsed.

My son wanted to use a period cart and sell lemonade at the war for tips to
help and get other kids to help. Then everything changed.

Jim Bryant, a truck driver who is also a master bowmaker and will be
teaching classes at another event “Athenaeum” at the Castrum on the weekend
of May 8th contacted me. We had met at Gulf Wars and talked a little, but
we have not known each other long. Jim wanted to help. He wanted to do a
raffle/fundraiser for one of his beautiful bows. Then the next day he said,
“I want to do two”. He called me up that evening and said, “Let’s do five
and the top prize will be a English Longbow of Yew with horn tips”. He
asked me to run it for him.

So, in a month we went from a bar/lemonade wagon at a war to a huge raffle.
Five bows will be given out. We will be selling twenty five hundred tickets
at $1 each. We have found out that many states that you sell something then
you are automatically entered into the raffle, so then it is not considered
gambling. So, I am selling “Limited Edition Stickman” drawings that will be
sent to you via email, and then you will be entered into the drawing. The
drawing to be done at court during the Baronial War.

Jim saw a kingdom and a family in need and had the means to make a
difference. His mailing address is in the Midrealm but mainly he plays in
Meridies. For myself, my part is to honor a pledge given a decade ago. For
Jim, it is purely out of love.

For more details on how to help and get involved please look up on Facebook
“Bows for Calontir Falcons”
<>. or
contact me directly at [log in to unmask]
<[log in to unmask]>
have setup an account with Google Wallet. Once the $2500 goal is reached
that money will be sent to the Brooks.

Thank you for helping.

THL Ranulf di Aversia
Lord Sigvat Odvarsson
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