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This notice now appears on the ACCEPS web site.

The Board of Directors has decided to discontinue the variance granted to
ACCEPS to take credit cards on behalf of SCA events, effectively

There was no explanation nor discussion from the corporate level with any
member of the ACCEPS staff prior to this decision, which was broadcast to
the Kingdom Exchequers on Saturday, April 18.

Based on subsequent phone conversations with the Society Treasurer and
President, no issues or problems were communicated to us, just that the
Board had decided to stop using ACCEPS.

Without the variance, ACCEPS cannot continue to operate in good faith
within the SCA. We apologize for the inconvenience to all our friends and
those events which were in progress.

The ACCEPS fee will be refunded to all branches for events which were not
able to complete their requested registration period. All current
registrations and funds will be sent to the event stewards during the next
two weeks.

It has been an interesting and fun 12 years providing ACCEPS to the SCA.

Farewell and good luck.

ACCEPS Staff – Mistress Isobail, HL Sarra, Sir Rhodri, Misress Kaitlyn

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