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An Open Letter to the Society Seneschal and the BOD,

My name is Amy, and I am writing to express my personal concern over the
ACCEPS statement recently released by the BOD. I haven’t played in the SCA
in over fifteen years, so perhaps my opinion is of little weight but my
ties to this organization are still strong. I don’t have any story about
bitterness or politics chasing me from SCA, I turned eighteen, went to
college and just drifted away. Why then do I feel the need to write
regarding this issue? The “creator of the ACCEPS program” whose supposed
misdeeds you have now publicly aired can only be one of two people – my
father or my stepmother.

I’m going to be honest and say that I don’t know the entire story of
ACCEPS. It was founded when I was a sophomore in college and clearly had
more important things to do with my time then pay attention to how my
parents were currently volunteering their time within the SCA. I do however
know these people, these people who have given so much and whose good name
and hard work is now being dragged through the mud.
My father joined the SCA when I was only two years old, and it was from him
that I learned about giving selflessly of your time. I watched him set up
camps for other people, run events, run list fields, teach young fighters,
serve king after king, become a Knight, and a Pelican, and a Baron.
Watching him I learned about honor, and admitting defeat, and keeping
friendships in the face of hardship. Watching him I learned about having a
deep love for an organization and an idea, and about the importance of
paying back to something that you feel gives you so much. He’s gotten older
now, and his knees bother him, but still he goes to help with fighter
practices and runs events, and volunteers to help.

At the death of my mother, my stepmother suddenly found herself the
guardian of three bereaved teenage girls. It wasn’t an easy journey for any
of us, but she was always there when I needed her. She taught me to sew,
nurtured my love for theatre, and taught me to speak up for myself when it
was called for. She was there with me, holding my hand when I had to have a
sudden emergency
c-section with my first child. She has always been there for me when I was
scared. I know that she doesn’t always show it – but she is full of love,
and she gives it through her service.

So I ask the BOD, where is your proof? Where is the copy of the emails or
the requests? Where is your due diligence? To say that the creator was
willfully negligent in their duties? Where is your proof? All across this
known world of ours there are those who trust you and take you at your word
– and now your word points at my parents and decries them. So I ask, where
is your proof? If you truly suspected that there was a serious security
issue, why even allow them to continue to finish out their open events?
Wouldn’t that be reckless endangerment of the privacy of all those
currently involved in transactions? You state that you originally didn’t
say anything because of “the need to stay silent to protect the security of
everyone’s credit card information on ACCEPS”. How exactly does your being
silent boost internet security and safety? How exactly does NOT informing
people of a potential security threat serve the people of the SCA?

My parents are people, hardworking volunteers who still have real lives. My
father has a full time job, they have six children, one of whom is still at
home, eight grandchildren, my stepmother runs archery for their shire, and
my father helps with the fighting as much as he can. They attend, plan, and
autocrat events. They are perfect examples of the lifeblood of the SCA, and
yet you have caused them to become a source of speculation and derision for
the known world. There are many people who do not know my parents, who
haven’t seen them give of their time so consistently, who haven’t seen them
support and help those around them, who haven’t seen them raise a family or
hold their grandbabies in their arms. These people simply believe you, they
simply believe that these hardworking people are willfully and criminally
negligent. I hope that these people read my letter, learn about my parents
and begin to doubt the statement of the BOD. I also hope that you will
consider rescinding your allegations until such time as you can provide
substantial proof to support them.

Amy Munoz
Once known as Cadi the Younger

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