The Falcon Banner has posted a new item, 'The Inaugural Edition of The Knowne World Podcast'

Gathered from the SCA Bards List, via Vicountesse Elashava bas Riva:

The Inaugural Edition of The Knowne World Podcast. Music from The Kingdom of the East, The Kingdom of the West, The Kingdom of the Middle, The Kingdom of Atlantia, The Kingdom of Aethelmearc, The Kingdom of Atenveldt, and The Kingdom of An Tir/The Principality of (soon to be Kingdom of)Avacal, Story Telling from Mistress Dervila of Atlantia and a panel discussion featuring: Master Galeran Chanterel of the Kingdom of An Tir, Baroness Gwendolyn the Graceful of The Kingdom of Aethelmearc, Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge of The Kingdom of The East, THL Lorelei Skye of The Kingdom of the Middle and Lord Drake Oranwood of The Kingdom of The East. Hosted by Gideon ap Stephen of the Barony of Hawkwood in The Kingdom of Atlantia

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