Okay, as I warned, I've called all the fighters.  Right now we have at 
least four, but there are a few I haven't heard back from, plus there's 
a possibility a fighter or two from Lonely Tower will also show up.

_*Directions: *_
Elmwood is about 30 minutes east of Lincoln.   Head east on O Street/US 
Hwy 34. Turn left (north) on NE Hwy 1 (298th St). Continue for 
approximately 2 miles to the village of Elmwood. The library is two 
blocks west of Hwy 1, at the intersection of D Street and 3rd Street. I 
expect the festival area will be pretty obvious -- there were signs and 
street barricades last year. We will be setting up east of the library 
building (in the area where the petting zoo was last year).  We still 
have a good-sized grassy area, although perhaps not as much shade.  If 
someone can bring a second sunshade for fighters and fighter gear, that 
would probably be a good idea.

_*Wave 1*_
Please let me know if you can be there by 9 am to set up sunshade(s), 
list field, and tables.  Right now, I know Volkmar, Zino and I will be 
there at 9:00.  A couple more people would be helpful. Please let me know.

_*Wave 2*_
Everyone else, please call, email or text me if you plan on attending. 
It will be helpful if I know what you plan on demonstrating as well.   
Plan to arrive soon enough that you can be ready to roll by *11 am*....  
you know how long you need to prepare, but plan on needing an extra 15 

  * Etionette will be getting the "photo garb" and related gear to
    Morgana and Natalya. The local photographer will need a couple of
    SCA folk to help "dress" people.  If you brought/sent along props
    last year (like a goblet or a mug, a fan, a book, interesting hats,
    etc), please bring/send them again.
  * Calligraphy:  I'll bring "big" calligraphy stuff as usual.
  * Weaving: I don't have anything on my card loom, but my little table
    loom can be there.
  * Cooking:  There will be gyngerbrede and Shrewsbury cake
    samples/recipes again.
  * Music?
  * Scroll painting?
  * Knitting?
  * Jewelry-making (Morgana is, I think)
  * _____________________________

Questions?  Please call me on my cell phone -- 402-440-2350.
-- Isadora

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Hi, Mag Mor folk and friends.

The second Elmwood Shakespeare Festival is on May 2nd, from 11 am to 3 
pm.  They've requested and we've agreed to participate again this year.  
Think JAV but on a much lesser scale.  We'll have one sunshade [and some 
tree shade] for people to demonstrate an art or craft. We'll set up a 
list field and do the standard small tournament/small melee fighting.  
And we'll be helping the Elmwood folk with their own photo booth (our 
photo garb/accessories - their photographer and photo equipment).

I'm thinking we'll want demo crew in two "waves." The first "wave" will 
meet in Elmwood around 9 am to set up  the list field, sunshade, tables, 
etc. by 10:30 am.  The second "wave" of additional people doing 
activities -- fighting, A&S, etc. -- should plan to arrive soon enough 
that they can be ready to roll by 11 am....  you know how long you need 
to prepare, but plan on needing an extra 15 minutes!

There will be food venders at the festival or you can pack your own.  
Happily, this year's event is only planned for a total of 4 hours, so 
this won't take your whole day.

Wear late-ish period garb if you have access to some, but don't no big 
deal if you don't!  My biggest concern right now is that we have enough 
fighters -- I'll be contacting all the MM fighters personally to see who 
can make it.  It would be best if we had at least eight, ten would be 
better.   If fighters from Lonely Tower would like to participate, too, 
that would be great!  If fighters need to make a choice between fighting 
at the JAV Renfair on May 16th _OR_ this demo, the please fight at JAV 
-- that's where you'll be most needed.

Please let me know if -- and in what capacity -- you can help with the 
Shakespeare festival. Thank you!
Oh, and I'll post directions to Elmwood in the next couple of days.

-- Isadora
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