Hi, I tried emailing Gyda about this a few weeks ago, but never heard back from her. I may be able to come back to Lilies this year! The past two years I was not able to do my usual freelance job in KC, but this year I may be able to work there again. I'm currently setting up arrangements to get myself to Lilies if everything works out. Could you please find out for me if Mag Mor would be willing to have me camp with the barony again? I would love to see you all again! I am willing to contribute to camp meals and costs and labor. I will likely be arriving on the 12th and can help set up camp this time. Also, could you find out if someone can give me a ride to the KC airport on Friday the 19th? I don't have a definite time for my flight yet, but I would like to fly home that day. (Yay, full week at Lilies this time!)

Many thanks,

that person from the East who invades your camp at Lilies sometimes
I'm now trying to contact everyone I am friended with here and on Facebook
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