Hello all,

What is your favorite scratchboard for teaching?

I've used EssDee and Canson for my own work, and Clayboard and Scratch-Art
for students to practice with.

Scratch-Art was great because it needed no prep, was lightweight,
inexpensive, and shipped anywhere. Very good for trying out the medium for
the first times. *However*, when I received classwork from a distance
student, I saw why she was having so much trouble; the board is so thinly
coated with clay, there is nothing to scratch. I've tried to contact the
company to see if it is a bad lot, or if someone else is making it poorly
now. Neither their local nor toll free phone lines connect. They don't
repond to written inquiries either. I believe the board was purchased
through Amazon. This is the white scratchboard. So, I am now searching
for *good
*(yields crisp lines), *lightweight, easily purchased on-line, inexpensive,
white*, scratchboard.

Thanks!  (PS I have a whole box of large sheets of Canson scratchboard I am
not thrilled with either.)

Best, Gretchen
Gretchen Halpert
Scientific Illustration Distance Program

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