I responded to Paul Brown's message about the NC cooler mural. Sent it 
along to Allison at NC.

But how can we efficiently let each other know when we have answered one 
- other than go into the sent files. If we don't want or need to see it 
again - like Paul's I see no need to keep it. I would answer it and then 
a little later delete the message.

Maybe Rebecca if you could star a message you think Joann or I will need 
to answer - would that be helpful. I check it almost every morning now.

And this message which, maybe when it gets answered, we could label as 
Exec and archive it so we can look it up later - only do this to 
messages we want forever that are policy etc. I think other message 
disappear after a certain amount of time - right. I must say I don't 
like Google mail much but I think it is just because it is new and I 
have to learn it and I generally hate emails anyway.

Also Joann - and I don't know if you can do this in Google....can you 
zap the older parts of an email that has a message you are going to send 
on  to the group. Or copy the important bits and paste it into a new 
one. I had a moment of panic when I saw my message below the mural one 
and thought - oh, no did it include my b-tch--- about work for no pay? 
Whew! it didn't.

Just some thoughts. Still pretty sick with this wicked cold. Worst I've 
had in years and years - such a drag. Supposed to be 75ยบ today too!


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