Hi Laura,

Unfortunately I don't have any suggestions as I am in pretty much the same position as you- I would be very interested in seeing the advice you get!

You might find this article rather interesting- I certainly did- however I am not 100% sure how relevant it is to the scientific illustration field:

Good luck- I really liked the work you have on your website :)


Scientific and Natural History Illustration

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Hello Sci-art Listers,

Below is a question from the GNSI Contact form.  I would love to have some input from the the wisdom of the group on what Laura might consider doing... She does have some skills.




My name is Laura, and I am just starting my scientific illustration career. I
am hoping you could give me some advice.

I have a BSc in Biology, and have already had a few commissions within my
circle of connections. However, I am not sure how to get my name in the right
places. I run a science blog (
[3] ), which has gotten some attention, though none of the employment kind.
How did you find work, when you started your career?

I am also considering going to art school (especially since there seems to be
a bigger job market for graphic designers than junior biologists in
Vancouver, BC). I have experience with Adobe programs as well as 3D
animation. From your experience, would a formal art education be more
beneficial than learning from the University of Google?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,
All the Best


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