The past year, I've been playing around with creating illustrations on an
iPad—I commute about 10 hours a week and have been working on ways to use
that time to hone my digital illustration skills. I haven't published any
of the pieces (yet), but I've been posting several on Twitter:

I'm using Procreate and a Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 1 on a 2-year old
iPad, but I've been pretty happy with what I've been able to accomplish.
There is a big tradeoff in resolution and available layers—I'm working on
images about 3500px x 2400px and am limited to 7 layers. So I wouldn't
recommend it for particularly large or complicated pieces. That said, I
haven't found too many limits as far as the level of detail—the brushy look
of my pieces is more my working style than any limitations of the medium.
The app does crash somewhat frequently (about once every couple of hours),
but I've never lost work after a crash.

One nice feature of Procreate is that it can export a time-lapse video of
your pieces, which is a great way to review and refine your process. I've
uploaded one of mine here:

Hope this is helpful—


Matt Celeskey
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On Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 1:06 PM, Gail Guth <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>  I'll be curious to hear this too. i have several apps for drawing on the
> iPad, all tout their wonderful features, but beyond sketching, I haven't
> yet created more than clunky output. That may be my lack of expertise and
> experience using the apps, however.
> Using one's finger is fun but inexact; a good stylus is nicer, I just got
> one but haven't had a chance to use it extensively.
> Gail
> On 4/22/15 2:45 PM, Sara Taliaferro wrote:
> Dear Folks,
> One of my students asked if I use or know of anyone who uses an app
> on their iPad to do illustration work. I replied that I knew of
> people who liked to take the iPad on trips and sketch with it, but I
> was not aware that anyone produced scientific illustrations for
> publication on their iPads. She is teetering on the brink of buying
> an Intuos pad, which is what I would suggest.
> How would you have advised her (or me)? Am I so "last generation" in
> my thinking?
> Most sincerely,
> Sara
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