Hi Frank et al.


Here is some correspondence between me and people at Taylor and Francis
last year regarding the same issue:

Dear Charles,

Thank you for the clarification.  Declaring the early-view version the
publication of record does solve the problem of nomina nuda and precludes
the possibility of people scooping authors by publishiing in some rapid
turnaround online journal between the time of release of the early view
article and the paper version.  That makes sense.  However, I note that
not every article in Systematics and Biodiversity indicates the "first
publication online" date ­ for example, in the most recent issue 12(1),
neither the article by Streicher et al. on frogs (which designates
lectotypes) nor the article by Heinicke et al. on geckos (which describes
new genera)  indicates the first publication date (these were the
reference papers I was looking at when I made my observations about the
journal in the previous email).  These are undoubtedly just oversights ­
other papers in this issue do state the date of online publication.

At any rate, as long as the date of first (online) publication is
consistently indicated in the printed version, then there is no
nomenclatural problem.  As to the embarrassingly extensive corrigenda to
our paper, really we have no one to blame but ourselves for failing to
proofread more carefully.

Thanks for your prompt reply,

Andy Brower

Professor Andrew V. Z. Brower
Evolution and Ecology Group
Dept. of Biology, Box 60
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

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From: <Whalley>, Charles <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 5:26 AM
To: "[log in to unmask]" <[log in to unmask]>, Andrew Brower
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Cc: "Taylor, Zoe" <[log in to unmask]>, "Marks, Ailsa"
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Subject: Corrigendum for Systematics and Biodiversity - ICZN code

Dear Andy and Keith (if I may),
Thank you for your emails relating to online publication of taxonomic
articles, which Zoe has passed on to me as Publishing Editor for the
journal. We have been working with the ICZN and ZooBank since 2012 to find
the best solution for authors that will satisfy the requirements of the
ICZN. However, navigating the Code is tricky enough at the best of times,
so Iım grateful for your comments. Perhaps it will be helpful for me to
explain some points of the journalıs policy here, and then I hope it will
be clear how this relates to your article and the corrigendum.
We do not publish any taxonomic articles in any Œpreliminary versionı. We
consider taxonomic articles that are published under Latest Articles but
not yet assigned to an issue, as is the status of your article currently,
as the final Version of Scholarly Record (VoR). Any changes to the content
must then be published in a separate corrigendum or erratum, which is the
course Zoe has been pursuing so far. The only change then made to the
published VoR is the addition of volume, issue and page numbers and the
online publication date on assignment to an issue; we consider these to be
bibliographic data, rather than content. With all of this in mind,
taxonomic articles published online ahead of print in Systematics and
Biodiversity, such as your article, constitute ³published work² according
to Article 8 of the Code.
The relevant publication date for these articles is the first online
publication date. This appears in the cover sheet to the PDF (and is clear
on the website), and is then present within the article alongside
submission and acceptance dates once it has been assigned to an issue. In
other words, any later print version will show the original publication
date. We hope this will make publication dates clear for future readers.
I hope this makes sense. Please let me know if youıve any questions or
comments on this.
As for the article in question, have I understood correctly in that youıre
concerned that, without the corrections in the corrigendum, the article as
stands is invalid due to the content itself?
Best wishes,
Charles Whalley ­ Publishing Editor, Biological & Food Science Journals
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>Hi all,
>In the last issue of the Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature I published
>a paper scrutinizing major publishers' models for early online
>publications, i.e. paper published on the web before they get integrated
>into a journal issue. I suggested a solution based on the NISO guidelines
>for publishers on journal article versions. In short, I suggest that if
>the early online publication is the Version of Record, it should be
>considered the final version and nomenclaturally available. The paper can
>be downloaded here (line two from below):
>Brave new world of publishing...
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