Assignment #4 has been graded and e-mailed back to the person who sent it to me. Please examine the comments that I made in red using Word’s tracking tool or with my own writing (turn on “all markup” to make sure you can see these comments). If you have any questions about how to do a particular item in the assignment, please feel free to ask during class, post a message to the listserv, or stop by my office to ask. If you have a question on why I took off a particular number of points for a part of your assignment, please ask me individually after class or stop by my office. 

I have posted an answer key to the assignment on the “Graded Materials” web page of the course website. Please look over all parts of it and compare my answers to your answers – even if you got a problem correct. 

There were a total of 30 points possible, and the mean was 29.4 points.  

Assignment #5 is available from the graded materials web page of the course website. We will discuss this assignment during class on Thursday.