Dynastinae (Pentodontini):   genus is   Heteronychus  .
The species really look like   H. amplipennis  according from what its possible to see from the pygidium (round impression on apical margin and the basis of pronotum without border). That species is known from Kenya. It need to be however confirmed by looking at the genitalia.
Martin H.

Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 16:54:22 -0400
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Subject: possible ID on Kenyan scarab?
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Dear Colleagues - Some years ago, I removed mites from an undetermined scarab in our collection collected by my late colleague T.H. Hubbell. In trying to get all my hold-up materlal curated before our upcoming collection move, I thought I'd ask if anyone might be able to identify this specimen in the attached photos (to some level at least?).
The label reads: KENYA: Lake Naivasha/Lodia Farm/28 Sept. 1970/T.H. Hubbell#19.
All the best! - Barry

-So many mites, so little time!

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