I wanted to make sure to congratulate Master Lief who won the 100 Years War archery shoot held last weekend at Melees and Mayhem.  Master Lief will be able to assign 5 resurrections to his chosen side at Lilies--just reach out to Rhodri and let him know which side you will chose to support!

Our final Pre-Lilies competition is this weekend at Horse and Falcon, which will be best 100 Years War Equestrian, to occur simultaneously with the Emprise Saturday night.  The equestrian with the most authentic look (or specific piece of their kit) will win a personal prize and the right to assign 5 resurrection points to their chosen side at the upcoming Lilies War.  Equestrians--if you were planning to participate in the 100 Years War competition, a sign up will be available on a table at the Emprise.  Documentation of 14th/15th century equipment or clothing is highly encouraged but not required.

Duchess Aislinn
Lilies Pre-event coordinator
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