Mag Mor fighter practice is moving to the Summer site as of this week.  

Woods Park - 33rd & L streets, at the north end of the parking lot near the big white tennis bubbles.

Official start is at 7 pm, but I hope to be there at 6:30 or so. If you want first crack at the loaner armor, you'll want to be early. We'll continue until it's too dark for safety.

Practice will be held every Tuesday except the 1st Tuesday of the month (when we travel to the Omaha practice) or if the weather prohibits. In case of bad weather, my house/shop will be open for armor/weapons construction and repair work. 

I hope to see many people there.  If you don't fight, come hang out anyway. There are usually steel fighters at practice as well, and Fiber Guild often meets to talk and share projects.

Volkmar - Mag Mor Marshal

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