Greetings!  My parents are no longer coming to visit this weekend, so I now
plan to be there for the Newcomer's event.   So, Isadora, I won't need to
get food and such to you to take for me.  J


Haldora and I will mind the table, and anybody else who wants to hang out
there is welcome to do so.


I'm looking for some fresh mint to use for the beverage I'll make.  Does
anybody who is coming to the event have some they could bring?  I would want
about a cup's worth of  leaves.


For those who volunteered to bring food, thank you!  I appreciate it very
much.  As a reminder of what you volunteered for, here's the list:


Isabeau & Carlos - plum sauce and plum syrup 

Isadora - gingerbread and stuffed dates

Haldora - olive paste and cheese with herbs

Gwyneth - Shrewsbury cakes, biscotti, mushrooms, pickled beets, Isfyria
(beef patties with sauce), Roman pork sausages, bread


If anyone else wants to bring something, we could use more bread.


YIS, Gwyneth

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