Hi Marni

I had a similar lapse of judgement this past winter and agreed to painting on a buck saw.   I  did  document the process somewhat in Facebook Photo Albums.

the pix are open to the public, but I think you would need to be a facebook user to access them.  the links are below

My project was much smaller , and in the end, I think I did some enlarging , print out and cutting to trace the outlines, and sketching in details with sharpie.

I am assuming  you will paint with acrylics....      I  did some home work as to how to approach painting on metal, and a good deal of effort is put into preparing the surface.

If you don't need to remove rust like I did, so much the better.    You will want to use a water based  acrylic primer for metal , from a hardware store  to underpaint your work.

I you used OIL based acrylic primer for metal, you will not be able to use water based acrylics over it...    or so my research told me.

In  my piece, I wanted the patina of the saw to show through as a background, so the priming was done "to shape"

If your entire piece will be painted, so much the better , you can paint a big primer square.

trace your work on the primer after two coats have dried well.

for the transfer without projection  I am thinking back to Amy Bartlett Wright's mural class using a sketch that is grided off,  then creating a grid on the enlarged piece with strings, and sketch in the contents of each square from the smaller piece,

square by square to keep the image proportional and fairly undistorted. 

So, just some thoughts...  I hope you can access these FB photos...

Good Luck !

I learned a lot...   Like the next one will need to 4X the price  ha ha.


At 04:47 PM 5/19/2015, you wrote:
I'm not sure what came over me, but I agreed to paint a world map onto a 3x4-foot piece of galvanized steel (!?).

I haven't decided how I'm going to enlarge my drawing (no access to projection, so maybe the old grid, photocopier, or printer...), but what I'm more concerned about is how I'm going to transfer the drawing to the metal.

Has anyone done anything like this before? Any brilliant ideas?

Thank you! Any thoughts are welcomed.


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