Here are some ideas that I've looked into for 3D topo maps.

You can export elevation data for a selected area of the country from this

You can import that data into this program:
I think you can get a light version for free, perhaps? I went ahead and
bought a license. With this program, you can adjust the colors and all
sorts of things, as well as view it in 3D. You can export it to a 3D or 2D
file. Then you could get another 3D software from somewhere if you wanted
to print it to a 3D printer or edit it further for 3D purposes.

I've created 2D and 3D contour maps with those tools, along with PhotoShop
to create legends and sometimes hand-drawing additions and corrections to
the maps. For 3D maps, I make them by hand from layers of paper, to scale.
The first town I did was Arlington, MA:
I've also done Lowell, MA and Westford, MA in 2D and plan to eventually
make them in 3D and add more local towns:

I am very curious to hear thoughts from other people about 3D topo maps!

-- Lois, Lowell MA

On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 5:26 PM, Linda Feltner <[log in to unmask]>

> Was there a thread about 3-D Topo maps?  I'm looking for a specific state
> park in Wisconsin, and something reminds me of a thread that may be about
> some software, or service that can turn a topo map into a aerial view down
> flying into a river valley?
> Google Earth just does not have the topo infomation, it gets all flat.
> Thanks,
> Linda
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