I'm new to country living, and my house has a small pond in the garden, or more accurately a "water feature". I figure the pond is about 100 gallons, and there is a little waterfall. Up until this year, I just let it be, and frogs happily inhabited it. So did algae and mosquito larvae.

Clearly I don't want mosquito larvae breeding in it, so I cleaned it up and hooked up the pump that came with the house. Pump is working and includes a "pre-filter" which filters out large things like leaves and such. So the water is moving and mosquitos won't breed in it.

I've been hoping frogs would find it and so, one did. We've had about 2 weeks of rain, so I went to remove some water from the pond so it won't overflow. And in it was a frog, floating just under the surface of the water, still and vertical, looking dead. I scooped it out and was planning to toss it into the woods. But when I looked in the bucket, it was swimming. OK, so I put it back in the pond. It looked dead.

So I pulled it out of the pond and sat it on a rock nearby. He is sitting there now (it's been about 4 hours). He has shade and lots of places to hide. I sprinkled water on him a couple of times. His throat is moving in and out, and he is sitting and alert, but doesn't move if I touch him (toads don't move when touched either, so maybe this is an amphibian "thing"). I just checked on him and he is sitting under a spider web (smart frog!).

Is there anything I can do? Or should I just leave him be?

I did pile some rocks to provide better egress from the pond, and I'm planning on adding some pond plants as well. A few lily pads and whatever else looks interesting. Will probably put some barley straw in, as I hear it helps prevent algae build-up.

Any advice? Thoughts? Ideas?

I do not want to put fish in it - I would just be feeding wildlife around here. And I'd have to filter the water then (with more than a pre-filter). Meanwhile, every week or 2 I pull a few buckets of water out, and put a few fresh buckets of water in. I have well water, so there is no chlorine.



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