Hello All,

For this story with further edits, rewrites; may I have your opinion. We are getting close!

Through these illustration courses, the realization that art and science are intimately related became quite evident. Science additionally becomes an art form, such as the SEM images of pollen. The chemistry of color mixing and its applications to art is a science as seen in the visible color spectrum (physics). In addition, this physics application plays an important role for the Monarch’s sight since they view the world in a color invisable to the human eye: ultraviolet. This valuable asset helps the Monarch find flowers to nectar and helps to detect the patterns on the flower. (rewording here. Make sure it is accurate.)
The magazine editor rewrote the underlined portion and wanted to make sure that the chemistry and physics reference and wording was accurate.

May I hev your thoughts on this? Thank you very much indeed.

Best, “OC” Carlisle


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