No ideas at all about the frog.  Is it cold?

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> I'm new to country living, and my house has a small pond in the garden, or
> more accurately a "water feature". I figure the pond is about 100 gallons,
> and there is a little waterfall. Up until this year, I just let it be, and
> frogs happily inhabited it. So did algae and mosquito larvae.
> Clearly I don't want mosquito larvae breeding in it, so I cleaned it up
> and hooked up the pump that came with the house. Pump is working and
> includes a "pre-filter" which filters out large things like leaves and
> such. So the water is moving and mosquitos won't breed in it.
> I've been hoping frogs would find it and so, one did. We've had about 2
> weeks of rain, so I went to remove some water from the pond so it won't
> overflow. And in it was a frog, floating just under the surface of the
> water, still and vertical, looking dead. I scooped it out and was planning
> to toss it into the woods. But when I looked in the bucket, it was
> swimming. OK, so I put it back in the pond. It looked dead.
> So I pulled it out of the pond and sat it on a rock nearby. He is sitting
> there now (it's been about 4 hours). He has shade and lots of places to
> hide. I sprinkled water on him a couple of times. His throat is moving in
> and out, and he is sitting and alert, but doesn't move if I touch him
> (toads don't move when touched either, so maybe this is an amphibian
> "thing"). I just checked on him and he is sitting under a spider web (smart
> frog!).
> Is there anything I can do? Or should I just leave him be?
> I did pile some rocks to provide better egress from the pond, and I'm
> planning on adding some pond plants as well. A few lily pads and whatever
> else looks interesting. Will probably put some barley straw in, as I hear
> it helps prevent algae build-up.
> Any advice? Thoughts? Ideas?
> I do not want to put fish in it - I would just be feeding wildlife around
> here. And I'd have to filter the water then (with more than a pre-filter).
> Meanwhile, every week or 2 I pull a few buckets of water out, and put a few
> fresh buckets of water in. I have well water, so there is no chlorine.
> Thanks!
> K
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