I don't think any of this is off-topic. I wait for the odonate larvae to crawl out and replace them back in the pond. I hate clearing out the debris because of the critters, but it must be done occasionally. and YES, totally jealous. totally. 
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On May 22, 2015, at 1:49 PM, Gretchen Halpert wrote:

Hi Suzanne,
I enclose it in netting and suspend it with a float, so it doesn't sink to the bottom. Two-three divided bales (not the pillows) last the summer. Can't imagine not enclosing it; it would certainly be a mess. 

When I pulled one spent half-bale out last autumn, it was a virtual estuary.  Lots of life. I rescued as many little critters as possible, but I suspect I was only throwing them to the bass, so I left the rest of the barley to decompose. 

The best part (to further your jealousy) is the pond is uphill from the vegetable garden, so we siphon nutrient-rich pond water downhill to the garden. 

This post isn't really off-topic, if you think of all the illustration possibilities. ;-)

See you at the GNSI conference!



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