I'm happy to finally be able to announce that our improvement-grant-funded collection manager position is open. Full description is below, and I'll be happy to answer any questions. ([log in to unmask])

You may apply through this link:
Job Summary: 

The Collection Manager will assist with, and supervise others assisting with, a move and renovation of the Clemson University Arthropod Collection. Responsibilities will include day-ta-day oversight of physical renovations, specimen preparation, curation, and digitization, facilitating research use of the collections, managing specimen loans, and implementation of a pest management strategy. 

Job Duties: 

This renovation project will involve undergraduate and graduate student assistants. The collection manager will be responsible for training and planning and overseeing their day-to-day activities. 

The Collection Manager will be share administrative oversight of the collection database with the director, providing training and quality assurance for other users, as well as interacting with local and remote information systems personnel and database developers to manage upgrades, backups, and online availability. E/30% 

Specimen preparation, identification, curation, and organization. E/15% 

Receiving, fulfilling, and processing specimen loan in and out of the collection. E/10% 

Sort and arrange library resources, manage collection supplies, interface with curatorial faculty to facilitate research, assist visiting scientists with access to resources, and research E/15%MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 

A bachelor's degree in a related field and work experience directly related to the assigned research area; or a high school diploma and advanced journey-level work experience in a clinical or research setting. 


M.S. degree in entomology.  Experience in an entomological collection; ability to prepare and identify specimens; familiarity with specimen databases experience with digital imaging; familiarity with entomological literature.

Michael S. Caterino
Morse Chair of Arthropod Biodiversity
Dept. of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
Clemson University