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John F. Henry
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Subject: Fwd: Thankyou for supporting Class' letter to the Guardian

Our friends in the UK are hoping for more support from the academic community.   If you're inclined, you can join them in opposing the balanced budget madness by adding your name to their letter.   


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Subject: Thankyou for supporting Class' letter to the Guardian

Dear economist,


Thankyou for offering your support to the letter published in the Guardian on 13th June regarding concerns over the Chancellorís plan to legislate budget surpluses during Ďnormal timesí. The proposals represent an alarming, but unfortunately unsurprising, development in the UK governmentís ongoing austerity project and one that we at Class feel required a robust, public intervention.


We have uploaded the letter on our blog here: but are keen to see the list of signatories expand. If you know of any colleagues that might also like to contribute their academic gravitas to the letter please get in contact.


Kind regards,


Michael Lumpkin
Project Support Officer
Class: Centre for Labour and Social Studies

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