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psychologically, this is called "rigidity". I have an article just published, which partly deals with the issue. You can access it freely at

It happens more often in science, not only with neoclassical economics. I do a rigidity experiment with my students, where you can show that 70% of people behave rigidly after 10 minutes introduction of training thoughts in a specific direction, even after telling them that the experiment is about rigidity. It is very difficult to escape. One needs training in "meta-methodology" in order to keep oneself open to alternative ways of thought. This of course is not part of the curriculum normally.



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I hope all of you are doing well. I am working in a paper about the teaching of Economics in Colombia, and I would like to get some references about this question: Despite the financial crisis of 2008, most of Economics Department keep teaching only Neoclassical Economics. I would like to hear your opinions about the reason for that: Only vested interests?

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