Greetings unto the populace of Calontir from Lord Miklos Farma, the 
person who is handling the A&S Competitions at Coronation this Summer.

At Coronation on 11 July, there will be 3 different A&S opportunities 
for people to try their hands at. This missive is about the second, 
which is entitled "The Fires of Rome are the Fires of Invention".

The Fires of Rome are the Fires of Invention
In honor of their Highnesses, Prince Xerxis and Princess Belanna, we 
shall have a competition where *fire* must have been part of the entry's 
creation. As an example, baking a pie uses fire in the cooking, or 
beadwork uses fire. Even if *you* did not directly use the fire in the 
making (HL Konstantia is well known for her wire-worked jewelry, and 
while she may not have smelted the copper which made the wire, *fire* 
was involved in the smelting), so long as *fire* was used it is 
acceptable. Please note that the "Fires of Invention" may be invisible, 
and thus may need you to explain how they were used.

The competitions will be judged by populace vote, and is for "any 
medium". Some degree of documentation is requested if practictable, but 
it is not requred.

Prizes shall be awarded, and I look forward to seeing what the artisans 
of Calontir bring forth to be entered and displayed!

Feel free to contact me via my email (miklos dot farma at earthlink dot 
net), or by FB (miklos farma), or even by phone (402-884-7340) if you 
have any questions.

In service,
I remain

Ld Miklos
alungare perfectiune capturile de excelenta

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