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This issue includes these great articles:

  * /*Editorial Scientific Illustration: a little bit of explanation,
    with a little bit of commentary*/
    Editorial illustration is a style practiced by a fair number of our
    members, and therefore worthy of equal celebration.
  * /*Do Viewers Understand Our Illustrations?*/
    Many of us create illustrations for outreach, figures for textbooks,
    or art for articles. We assume that viewers understand our work. But
    do they?
  * /*Member Spotlight*/
    Marlene Hill Donnelly: I am not a plumber. My extended professional
    artist family hoped I would take after my great grandfather, become
    a successful plumber and make a great living, but a different
    direction called.
  * /*A New Flowering: Botany Illustration Books Reviewed*/
    The Art of Botanical Illustration by Wilfrid Blunt The Art of
    Botanical Illustration a History of the Classic Illustrators and
    Their Achievements, by Lys de Bray A New Flowering: 1000 Years of
    Botanical Art by Dr. Shirley Sherwood The Golden Age of Botanical
    Art by Martyn Rix Flora Illustrata: Great Works from the LuEsther T.
    Mertz Library of the New York Botanical Garden
  * /*Adventures in Self-Publishing*/
    Like many novice writers, i found getting a publisher to be a
    full-time job, involving a lot of frustration.
  * /*Chapter Happenings: Get Involved with your Local GNSI*/
    But by far the greatest amount of GNSI activity takes place through
    our Chapters (and one Group!).
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