Great idea.  Thanks Deb

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When I worked at the Illinois Natural History Survey, I often had to scan specimens. I made a couple of  boxes out of foam board that I could place over them instead of the cover. These blocked out the surrounding light.  I had one black one and one white one.  I usually used the black one, but some things worked better with the white one.  The boxes were about 3” deep.  It helped a lot on how much I had to clean up the background.  I was using a UMax with a Mac.

Carie Nixon

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Britt:  I've been using the Epson since 1996 large format and used it "right side up" for 3D specimens at UT CVM.  You have to clean up backgrounds and typically I'm using plastinated specimens.  I'm not sure why anyone would scan upside down, much less use a scanner when digital cameras could capture the same thing especially if the specimen is large.   I"ve done horse and cow hoofs,  whatever I can fit on the platen has typically worked. You will get some ghosting and the only other issue is to make sure no specimen leaves residue as that will come through on other scans as artifacts.    I just have the scanner under my desk to keep out ambient light and you can take the top off for larger specimens. Again, refer to my poster from many years back at the GNSI meeting re: use of the Epson Scanner and Silverfish software.  

Just some thoughts... Deb
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You upside-down use of the scanner brings to mind a question.  How much depth can the scanner capture if you are trying to protect specimens from damage.

Britt Griswold

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We have an Epson Expression 10000XL A3 scanner mounted upside down so the specimens don't get damaged.  It produces excellent scans. We don't use Macs unless we're forced to but I'm sure it would work with one. I prefer to use this instead of our expensive graphic camera. It's a lot easier and more foolproof.

Will Smith

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