I did print out both and yes, the 300ppi one still looks "thicker". It is acting exactly as you describe in your test below, but I am not ever going to print the 600ppi image at 50% it's size, so I am not getting the logic. These will be projected, not printed, so if they look like different line work on my screen, I'm pretty sure they cannot be corrected in the same manner that we could do so in printing. 

That said, I tried the "contract" method you described, and yes, it does reduce the line width (Brilliant!). When I enlarge both documents side by side, the "hand" stroke is different. By that I mean it did a great job, but slightly lost the hand-drawn feel. Not noticeable when small, but I'm wondering if when it gets enlarged up on a presentation, then what? 

Liz: I could not get the 'threshold" alterations to work. I don't know what I was doing wrong.

James: I got the Edit>Stroke to show me in greater detail what the meaning of the procedure, but I could not get it to shrink the line. I turned the ink lines white, and it did a cool job of outlining and/or filling, but I still am missing something. Not quite the end goal I'm looking for. Very enlightening, however. 

I learn something every time.

Cheers and I'll keep working on this until it gets to take longer than redrawing it the correct size. ha.

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On Jun 17, 2015, at 11:13 AM, Karen Ackoff wrote:


And I'm not convinced the line sizes are different. I would recommend printing each document and comparing. Viewing these documents, each a different resolution, on screen can be misleading. To test this, I created two documents, one using a 50 px hard brush in 600 dpi and another using a 50 px hard brush in 300 dpi. I viewed at print size. The 600 dpi document, due to its higher resolution, is bigger and the lines are therefore "thicker". However, if I printed this document at 50% of its size, the line thickness would appear the same as the 300 dpi document. This can be confusing, I know, which is why I recommend you print each document and compare. Also, when trying the methods below, make sure you use a COPY of your document, and retain your original document. 


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