Hi All:

Can you tell me your favorite large file downloading/uploading service? I cureently use dropbox and have used YouSendIt/Hightail in the past. 
I'm trying to find out if someone has downloaded the file I sent them. 

Dropbox forum says there is no tracking capability available to tell who or how many times a file in a public folder has been looked at or downloaded. 
It says:
No, it's not possible. Dropbox does not have any tracking data. If you want that information, pass your links through a link shortening service like ([], as many of them provide some form of tracking."

So, I'm wondering if I should use some other service to transfer large files. Sometimes my government clients cannot connect to my FTP site. And they don't have an FTP site that functions (been there, done that). 

I haven't used YouSendIt since they became Hightail, but maybe that has a method of tracking if the files ahve been accessed?

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