Greetings, GNSI!

We need articles! The Journal is only as good as its content, and we are 
running low on content. PLEASE consider authoring an article:

  * Have you mastered a particular or unusual technique, or use
    unconventional media for your work?
  * Have you traveled to an interesting location, either for a
    particular project or on your own and could share your art and
    experiences with us?
  * Do you have a notable or unusual studio setup (static or traveling)
    you'd like to share?
  * Have you developed a successful marketing strategy (if you are
    making money as a freelancer, you are doing something right — please
  * Has your work evolved into new dimensions, new approaches? We'd love
    to hear about it.
  * Have you done a presentation or taught a workshop at a GNSI event
    (chapter? conference?) or for another group? Your presentation can
    be transformed into an article and you have already done most of the
  * Have you recently attended an exciting and/or unusual art event that
    you can share with us?

Remember: articles do not have to be long, excessively scholarly or 
super technical; even short feature articles are fine. We like variety!

Remember also that getting published is a great feather in your resumé. 
One of the core benefits of being a GNSI member is that we share our 
collective knowledge and expertise. Don't be shy, you too can contribute!

Contact your Journal editors: Gail Guth, [log in to unmask] or 
Clara Richardson, [log in to unmask] with your ideas.

Thank you!

Gail Guth
Guth Illustration & Design
139 Lathrop Avenue
Battle Creek, MI  49014-5076
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