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Thanks to those of you who've replied.
Molly, I wasn't aware of that website; it's quite a treasure trove! There is a lot of useful information and it's good to know that there are many people with similar concerns. This story is particularly infuriating:

No!Spec is so chock full of articles and info, though; for the GNSI website I imagined something more concise and positive - as in "here's what to do" instead of "here's what not to do." The FAQ section comes closest to what I was envisioning, but it's still not quite what I had in mind, and doesn't address all of the issues:

A GNSI journal article is a fine idea. On the other hand, an official statement or a list of guidelines from the GNSI as a whole would carry a lot more weight than an article written by one (or two) people, in my opinion.

The question is: Is it within the GNSI's mandate to make an official statement or at least suggest guidelines on the issue of spec work/contests?

And then: Do GNSI members support the idea of the GNSI having an official statement or suggested guidelines about the issue?

It would be great to hear from our Board about the first question, and from everyone else about the second.
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First, I'm wondering if anyone knows of an artist/illustrator/designer organization that has taken the trouble to come up with a list of guidelines for organizations who want to solicit illustrations/designs  without exploiting creators. I keep wishing I knew of a authoritative site to which I could direct contest organizers when I come across contests like the one I mentioned above.

Second, especially if no such site already exists, I'm wondering if it would be appropriate for the GNSI to come up with a list of guidelines and suggestions for organizations to follow if they would like to treat creators fairly. These guidelines could be posted at the website so we could all direct people's attention to them when the need arises. I'd be happy to contribute my thoughts, and I'm sure many of you have ideas on this subject. I have no idea how difficult this might be!


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