This explains the package I got from my nephew during the Kuwait war.  I small package that I described at the time, "like a Marine had tromped on it".  When I opened it, there was a tissue with a lump in it and a leg sticking out.  Then the leg moved.  Despite the treatment the Eleodes beetle my nephew had sent me was alive and well.  (He said he put it in freeon for 6 hours and was stunned it was alive.)  So HA!! back-atcha postal guys.  Neither freeze, oxygen deprivation or postal/marine boots shall defeat Eleodes. 


I believe I saw a TV short where a tank drove over a walking beetle and crushed it into the sand. Sand is forgiving and beetles are tough.  as the tank drove on, the beetle pulled out of the sand and continued its stroll.


And not withstanding our experiences, I think it's likely that there are good and considerate postal workers in their ranks. 



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We received a box containing specimens that had been crushed on one corner and had a boot lug mark on the crushed corner. When I asked the UPS delivery guy who had our route - he smiled and said that was their seal of approval...

Lynn Kimsey

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I saw similar things many times in Canada when I worked with the postal service one summer.

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We stopped doing it long ago, as I observed first hand a postal person saying "oh, fragile" and then going a hook shot into the bin.


On 6/8/2015 4:42 PM, Derek Sikes wrote:

This disturbing news recently crossed my desk:

"One disheartening result was that our package received more abuse when marked "Fragile" or "This Side Up." The carriers flipped the package more..."

Has anyone considered NOT marking boxes of specimens 'fragile' ???



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