I had very similar problem in Montana, bulbs broke very often but not in Colombia. The different was the brand, here they were Philips and in Colombia GE.  No sure if they were made in China or  not.

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Subject: Bulbs for light collecting

Dear all,

For light collecting, I use mercury-vapour bulbs (125W and 250W) with external ballast. My 250W is still good after probably over 100 nights of collecting, but the 125W broke about a year ago. I bought a new one, which lasted about 10 nights before the glass broke while collecting on a rainy night. The next also lasted only for some nights before the glass broke. They still worked, but because of the intense UV-radiation they give off when unprotected by glass I turned them off. I now bought yet another one, but noticed that the packaging says it should be protected against contact with cold objects and water while burning. However, I thought bulbs with internal ballast should be kept dry, while those with external ballast can be used in the rain without trouble. Could it be that these bulbs have become lesser quality? The bulb is a Philips HPL-N, but produced in China. I'm not sure where my first bulbs were made.
The lighting shop I buy my bulbs from may be able to get me other brands, but what brand should I order to enable me to work in the rain?

Thanks in advance for your advice,