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The Falcon Banner has posted a new item, 'Bear Pit Tournament at Coronation

The time approaches to thank Their Majesties  Anton and Isabeau for Their
service as Crown of Calontir, and celebrate as Their Royal Highnesses
Xerxis and BelAnna take Their places as the 64th King and Queen of the
falcon lands.

Coronation will be held in The Barony of The Lonely Tower.  Come join us as
we hold our version of a Roman circus, complete with wild tigers imported
from the best menageries the Kingdom has to offer.

With the permission of His Royal highness, we will be holding a bear pit
tournament with a couple of twists.

First, this pit will be for teams to increase the death for the pleasure of
our populace.  Teams will be restricted to a maximum of 8 points spent on
members.  Each member of the chivalry will cost 4 points, members of grant
level fighting orders will cost 3 points, members of AoA level fighting
orders will cost 2 points, and anyone who does not have a fighting award
will cost 1 point.  If you are not sure how many points you cost, contact
the MIC for a ruling.

Some possible team combinations, just to help clarify:

   - 2 Knights
   - 1 Knight and 4 Men at Arms
   - 2 Huscarls and 1 Fyrdman
   - 4 Fyrdmen
   - 8 Men at Arms

Secondly, we are importing tigers that will be able to enter restricted
areas of the arena.  Think tiger on a chain popping out of the sand.  These
tigers will be hungry and looking to maim or kill unwary gladiators.

We will have plenty of space available for shade flies, chairs, banners,
and anything else you may want to set up to add to the spectacle.

Aethelwine Aethelredson
115th Huscarl of Calontir
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