The Falcon Banner has posted a new item, 'Midrealm Gazette - Powering Your CPAP at Pennsic'

This article is geared toward Pennsic, but the information is useful for any camping event. Reposted from the Midrealm Gazette:


An increasing number of Society members are being prescribed CPAP machines, to help with their breathing at night. Using a CPAP machine at camping events like Pennsic can be problematic, since they require power that’s often not available in many camps. And since Pennsic is coming up very soon, this is an issue confronting many.

To assist with that, Master Phillip teaches a class at Pennsic on how to power your medical devices when away from commercial power. In order to help people acquire what they need before they actually get to Pennsic, he has uploaded his class handout here. (PDF file warning).

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