I am finally able to sit and not want to sleep :)

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and a huge debt to everyone who
came, who had fun, who sweated both inside and outside of the site on
Saturday during the Coronation for Their Majesties Xerxis and BelAnna.

I am not able to list names because some I do not know, they just helped
for a moment, or for the day but they all helped create a very special
event.  To everyone who helped on Friday getting the kitchen prepped, to
the people who showed up early on Saturday to do some shuffling of things.

To the kitchen staff who spent the day over stoves and sinks and chopping
blocks; thank you.  To the people that ran a smooth gate (even with the
hiccups), thank you. To those that ran the Arts and Science and the people
that did pre-prints so that there was pretty things for court; thank you.
To those that were down on the list fields in the heat and humidity making
sure that not only the rattan fighters were safe fed, and hydrated, but
also the cut & thrust and youth fighters, thank you for keeping them safe;
hydrated; and running the lists and making their day enjoyable; thank you.
To the people that stayed after court was over, those that didn't even have
to, and helped clean up the church in record time, and even blew away the
site representative with how clean and efficient we were; thank you.  To
those of you who served feast, who cleaned up after, who cooked feast, it
was amazing, the best feast I have had in a long time; thank you.

I would like to single out two individuals, Gretchen Allen Johns​ and Candy
Caines.  These two women worked their fingers to the bones!  To Her
Excellency for not running screaming when I asked her in 2013 to be my
feast steward, who didn't run through it all even after being Queen! Your
Excellency, I love you.  You served an amazing feast! You shared again your
amazing and just mind blowing jaw dropping talent with this Kingdom and I
thank you for that.  You are one of a kind.  And anyone who missed feast,
you missed one of the best that there is.

Candy Caines​, you put together a wonderful group of people to clean, to
vacuum, and put things back where they were, to make it seem like we did
not have over 270 people there 12 hours after gate opened.  You ran an
efficient show, you never rested.  I have no idea where you get your energy
from, I am jealous!  I will be part of your clean up crew any day!

To our post revel hosts.  Thank you for staying up to the wee hours of the
morning to entertain the kingdom.  Have you found your silverware? :)

Lastly, To Their Majesties Calontir, I thank You for Your reign, may it be
a wonderful amazing journey.


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