At the Siege of Seville on August 29th!

Sponsored by HL Aiden O’Seaghdha

In the summer of 844 A.D., the Norse raided al-Andalus, sacking Cadiz,
Lisbon, Medina Sidonia and Capturing Seville. For a little over a month the
Norse held Seville before Emir ‘Abd al-Rahman II (r. 822–852) took back his
glorious city from a Norse army of about 15,000, with reinforcements from
his Calvary. Many vigorous battles were fought from the river and over land
with sword and bow.

Be the Best Dressed or Andalusian C&T fighter at the event!
The event is themed and we should be too!
The contest is simple. Just put together a LIST LEGAL Viking or Andalusian
outfit for the event! There will be A panel of judges to determine the Best
Dressed WINNER!

Extra points for documentation. Even a 3x5 card is good.
Extra points for disguising/hiding combat gear.
Vikings/Norse and Al Andalus will be judged on the same criteria.

NOTE: you do not have to build an entire list legal outfit. If you just
want to cover your protective gear in period appropriate attire that is
fine. The LOOK is what is important here.

2nd NOTE: IF you do build an entire kit, and need it to be punch tested, I
will have my punch tester with me to accomodate you.

Judging will be at 3pm just before the Second tournament for the day.
Winner and prize will be announced at evening court.

The PRIZE is a Wooden 6 Board Chest. roughly 24" long x 18" high x 12"
deep. The perfect height to sit on, and a good size to store stuff in!
*~~~ Catalina*

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