Forwarded from one of the Chamberlains:

Unto the Populace at Magmor:
As was announced at Lilies both in Royal Court and Baronial Court,  The
Crown welcomes  letters from the Members of the Barony of Magmor concerning
the two potential Baronial candidates
Her Ladyship Gyda Glora and Lord Vihjalmr Halftroll
Lady Etienette and Lady Leofwyna
The Crown will gladly accept letters until the beginning of Pennsic War.
The announcement of the Royal decision will  be made at Pennsic War.

Please send your comments to  TRM Xerxis and BelAnna at
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Joyfully in Service,
THL Neathery of Safita
Chamberlain for
HRM BelAnna de Rouge de Anjou

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