Hello, Mag Mor folk.
After emailing her on Monday, I just heard from the day care demo 
contact today. I actually spoke with her at 2 pm and then I had meetings 
after that.....

  * In spite of the crazy short notice, she's still hoping one or two of
    us can help out TOMORROW -- yes, Friday, July 24th.
  * She says timing is flexible -- between 9 am and 3 pm.  I'm going to
    suggest 1 pm or 2 pm.
  * They've been learning about the Middle Ages and tomorrow is the last
    day.  Our premise is that visitors from the Middle Ages drop by the
    child care -- probably with a single demo item or project in hand. 
    So show up in garb, interact with the kids, answer their questions,
    be amazed/bewildered by modern stuff they have -- sort of be in
    persona, but not a real detailed persona. That's it.
  * The location is Sacred Heart Catholic Church at 3218 S Street...
    although probably in adjacent school bldg. I will get specific
    details if this pulls together.
  * Audience includes kids from 1st to 4th and 5th to 7th grades. These
    can be two groups or one large group, as we'd like. Altogether,
    there are only about 25 kids.

IF you can do this, call me by 9 pm this evening.
IF no one can, no guilt!

Either way, I will call Amanda back and give her the news just after 9 pm.
Thanks for even considering it!  And amazed thank you's if you can do it!
-- Isadora

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